The Suggestion Box!!

Got a suggestion? Want to share your fave spots to visit? Want to second a bakery on the list to maybe speed things up a bit?

Well, I decided to make a page for that. :) Mainly to organize everything into proper lists and to let people know, I have not forgotten you and your recommendations! And I'll also include the list of places I plan on visit in case you *really* want me to bump it a bit in its ranking.

Also: I'm *always* in search of great bakeries! I am so so happy for any hints (good or bad) so keep them coming, no matter where they are (okay, you're more than welcome to do so but I can't guarantee it'll happen)! I can't go everywhere, but hey! just comment if you have a yummy place. :)

Pending (Recommended) Visits:
Double W -- Mississauga
Shirin Mahal -- Mississauga
The Persian Man -- Thunder Bay
Current River Bakery -- Thunder Bay


  1. BEST cupcakes in the GTA: try Cake Royale ( in Mississauga

    1. Thank you very much for the suggestion! I think I know what place you're talking about -- I have yet to go, but will pop in the next time I'm in Streetsville. Thanks again for visiting my little site!

  2. Next time you have a chance to swing through Thunder Bay, Current River Bakery makes lots of Finnish breads, etc and The Persian Man will even ship persians to your door!

    1. Thank you very much for the suggestions and for visiting my little site, Siobhan!

      I actually had The Persian Man on my must-visit list, along with the Finnish bakery that was reviewed, and my brothers claimed they couldn't find it?? And I'm always grateful for more Finnish bakeries needing to be tried.

      Either way, now I have two reasons to stop by Thunder Bay on another road trip. Thank you! :)


  3. Hi! Do you have a mailing list I can sign up for so I can get updates about your blog?


    1. Hi Katie,
      Thank you for visiting my little site and wanting to follow me -- I'm always so happy to find people interested in the Cake Tour. If you have a blogger account, you can follow me via your Reading List on your dashboard. If you'd prefer getting notifications, you can follow me by email (you'll find the subscription at the bottom of the right-hand menu). Hope you enjoy!


    2. Hi Mimi,
      I tried to find the subscription link to your blog as I don't have a blogger account ("bottom right hand corner" as you described to your previous comment), but I couldn't find it anywhere. Can you please help guide me? Thanks!

    3. Hi,
      Thank you for visiting my little website. I'm sorry about it disappearing; Blogger changed things around with the optional gadgets and layout last year and I didn't notice I had to re-add it. It should be there... just follow the page down past the filters/tags and blog archive. Hope this helps! :)